Aroma Espresso Bar (Feat. Warm Chicken Salad) | Soho, Manhattan, NY

In the spirit of sub-500 calorie meals, I enjoyed a delicious salad from Aroma Espresso Bar! I’ve been hearing a lot Aroma from my co-workers and I finally had the privilege to try it.

A shout out and many thanks to my friend Dennis for getting me an awesome lunch on a rough day!

The Food:

Warm Chicken Salad | Grilled Chicken, Mesclun, Tomatoes, Carrots and Seasoned Red Cabbage. Served with Honey Mustard Dressing

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Warm Chicken Salad[/caption]

This salad was delicious! Super fresh and really really fulfilling. Being a big steak and burgers kind of guy, it has been super difficult for me to find salads that really have me enjoying it through every bite. In fact, I usually only go for Caesar, Cobb or Caprese Salad. All of which are high in calories and well… Are tasty because they’re not just leaves and salad dressing. Caesar has croutons, Cobb has bacon and eggs, Caprese has Mozzarella and my favorite, balsamic vinegar/vinegarette.

For me, the main focus of every salad are the proteins and the dressing and the chicken in the Warm Chicken Salad hit it out of the park. Since Dennis was awesome enough to pick it up, It came warm, as stated in the name, and was juicy, tender and seasoned nicely. Basic salt and pepper usually does the job for me with anything.

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Honey Mustard Dressing[/caption]

The honey mustard dressing was light and enjoyable. The consistency was perfect and made it so that the dressing easily mixed through the whole salad after shaking it through for half a minute or so. It is always a pain when you try to mix Caesar dressing through a salad because well… it’s so thick and doesn’t wanna budge.

I’m planning on going with the Warm Chicken Salad if I’m ever craving a salad for lunch. (Which has happened more and more often, believe it or not.)

It’s significantly healthier than a Caesar or a Cobb salad running at around 374 calories per order, as seen in Myfitnesspal.

Oh! And make sure you enjoy the mini milk chocolate bar that comes inside of the little zip lock bag with salt and pepper! Delish too! Apparently it’s only 24 calories… so we’re still within the sub-500 calorie limit!

Final thoughts

Stand aside, Chop’t, there’s a new salad spot in town!

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