Asanka Delight | Somerset, NJ

I’m always game to learn and try new cuisines, so when one of my fraternity brothers asked me try some Ghanaian food, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Started off with a meat pie…

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Flaky shell with a light, savory, meat and potato filling.

Flaky shell with a light, savory, meat and potato filling.[/caption]

…and a bottle of Malta. (The Irish in me is surprised.)

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Spoiler alert: I am exactly 0% Irish.

Spoiler alert: I am exactly 0% Irish.[/caption]

So with Wikipedia open next to me, I tried the peanut butter soup with fufu.

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So fufu is boiled cassava (or similar starchy root), pounded into a ball. You eat it by pulling a chunk off of the main body, rolling it into a manageable size, then dipping it into the soup before eating. It’s really great finger food and soaks up the soup incredibly well.


Now, don’t let the “peanut butter” throw you off. It’s not like someone emptied a jar of Skippy into the pot — think more along the lines of blitzing peanuts until it’s a powder, and using that as a soup base along with other spices. The goat meat was cooked with the soup and the two elements really flavored each other without overwhelming the original taste. The soup was savory, spicy, with a touch of peanut.

The menu had so many things that I want to try, like jollof rice, kebabs, banku…the list goes on. So yeah, I plan to come back at eat more.

A lot more.