CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice | Flushing, Queens, NY

CoCo has been our favorite bubble tea chain for a while now. Sure, Saint’s Alp was easy to get to… but a trek to 23rd street wasn’t difficult at all, for some outstanding, always consistent, bubble tea. Here’s our experience with the CoCo in Flushing!

Passion Fruit Black Tea with Bubbles

Wonderful, truly wonderful. There was a point where they weren’t selling the large size for the Passion Fruit Black Tea with Bubbles. It frustrated me so much because they knew it was a favorite and well… they weren’t letting us get more!

Today, they’ve changed that policy and here it is.

Good news, for those of you who are familiar with natural passion fruit, this isn’t as tart. It’s more of a sweetened passion fruit flavor with hints of black tea (or green tea, if you choose) and it’s perfect.

The bubbles (also known as Tapioca, of course are always perfect and al dente. Chewy, but not hard in the center. When they’re hard in the center, you just wanna give up on the bubbles all together. Another new thing is that the bubbles are in syrup now? If they’ve been in syrup before, I never used to notice how sweet the bubbles themselves are. Now I can! Maybe they’ve upped the sugar content. Whatever they did, it’s perfect.

Final Thoughts:

The Flushing CoCo branch is super fast, friendly and they seem like they’re always open. If you’re going to try new flavors, I’d suggest trying it at the Flushing spot. Don’t be afraid to go for their other flavors. They’re all consistently delicious. Ask them if they have nata de coco. If they do, get that with the bubbles. or get that INSTEAD of the bubbles. They’re just so tasty!

Milk tea here is also great. I’ve had the milk tea warm and cold at CoCo’s and they’ve never let me down.

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