Are you looking for a simple and comforting dessert?

I don’t think you’d expect to find it at Fogo De Chao.

Fogo De Chao is in the top tier of the top tier of Churrascharia Brazilian Steakhouses. The thought of critiquing their meat offerings (fine, we had some dry chicken and lamb, but their beef cuts were buttery perfection.) would simply be a sin… so our focus is Dessert for this one. ;)

The Brazilian Grilled Caramel Pineapple dessert with a glorious scoop of vanilla ice cream is the best way to end your meal at Fogo De Chao. After perfectly seasoned… extremely buttery-rich cuts of meat, this dessert leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to go for another round of all-you-can-eat meat.

You’ve got about a two inch slice from a whole pineapple sitting right there, perfectly warm after finding its way off of the grill. the perfect coating of caramel sauce on top, reminding me a whole lot of a creme brûlée without the ramekin. Definitely your standard scoop of vanilla ice cream. All worth it… all day.

You won’t find this on their menu… but if you do have a sweet tooth, this is the dessert to ask for.

You know what to do… so Go! ;)