House Without a Key (Feat. Frozen Drinks) | Waikiki, Oahu, HI

We were so lucky to be able to enjoy an evening at Halekulani in Waikiki. We arrived for dinner at La Mer a little earlier just so we could scope the place out.

The staff at the hotel recommended that we have a drink at House Without a Key prior to dinner and we loved it.

Fantastic atmosphere. Service was on point and the drinks? They were delightfully refreshing!

The Drinks:

Strawberry Daiquiri + Frozen Mint Lemonade

[caption id=”attachment_12043" align=”aligncenter” width=”680"]

Strawberry Daiquiri + Frozen Mint Lemonade[/caption]

The Strawberry Daiquiry was exactly what we expected, not too sweet and had the right kick. The ice was so fine, almost as if it was scooped right out of a pile of freshly fallen snow. Yes, I said it. Freshly fallen snow. This was very nice to have to start off a warm Hawaiian evening.

Now… I’m going to start this part off by saying that well, I’m not a mint person. Nothing close, in fact. Put mint on any food, doesn’t matter if it’s my favorite dish, I’ll push it aside and never look at it again.

Not this time though.

The Frozen Mint Lemonade was so refreshing and soothing. It was so delicious, I pushed the Daiquiry aside and finished the lemonade off! If I wasn’t afraid of getting full prior to our meal at La Mer, I would have ordered a second one.

It wasn’t too sweet — the biggest mistake that a barista can make with a fruity mixed drink — and honestly, the mint was tame. Nicely balanced and wonderful. I’d have this over again, no doubt.

Final thoughts

Find your way to Orchids for a drink or three to kick off the night. Really. The atmosphere was awesome, live music and the service was really

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