Ichiban Teriyaki House | Stamford, CT

There are two kinds of Hibachi spots that you’ll come across in life. The kind that’s a sit down restaurant, super exciting and delicious, or the kind that you’ll see in the corner of a mall food court that isn’t as exciting but is as flavorful as could be.

Our focus today is on the food court hibachi that we always crave.

The Food:

Chicken Teriyaki and Steamed Vegetables

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Chicken Teriyaki and Steamed Vegetables

Chicken Teriyaki and Steamed Vegetables[/caption]

Looks delicious, tastes delicious, and all yours in under seven minutes for under seven dollars.

Normally, this meal comes with rice but we held off this time around for calorie purposes. Sometimes you gotta hold off on rice to enjoy some Stew Leonard’s Frozen Yogurt for dessert!

The cooks are super efficient, one focusing on the veggies while the other prepares the meat. The chicken is the most popular amongst the protein options. Beef and shrimp are also available but there’s always some chicken ready to go on the flat top. Don’t worry — just because it’s on there already doesn’t mean it isn’t fresh. The turnover time for these dishes are super quick. For sure, it has only been there for two to three minutes. Waiting for you, of course.

We’ve had beef and shrimp here before but we’ve found that they’re just not as flavorful as the chicken. Even the shrimp sometimes isn’t as moist and yummy. Interesting no?

It’s interesting because the chicken looks to be mixed in with something like baking powder or corn starch. When they throw the chicken on the flat top, you see that a nice golden brown crust is developed uniformly on each of the pieces. Freaking delicious!

The beef and shrimp are prepared the same way, immersed in corn starch and then thrown on the grill. Still not as flavorful as the chicken though! And the crust just isn’t as beautiful.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re ordering what we ordered, ask them to keep the veggies on the grill a little longer. Maybe even ask them to mix in some teriyaki sauce. Sometimes the cabbage comes off a little bitter and these steps help that.

Never be ashamed to ask for extra sauce over everything. It’s delish. You’ll be craving it for days.

Oh… And if you’re not counting calories, please… Don’t hold off on the rice.

Before I started this lifestyle change of mine… I’d ask them to hold on the veggies and go all out on the rice. One day… :)

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