IHOP (Feat. Simple and Fit Vegetable Omelet) | East Village, Manhattan, NY

Eat. Nosh. Nom.’s focus to date has been to eat and write about delicious food. What happens is we then gravitate towards the buttery goodness of a Lobster Escargot or the perfect Cheeseburger. This post kicks off a new line of posts called Eat. Nosh. Nom.’s Eat-out and Stay Fit choices. This features sub-500 calorie meals that are comforting and fulfilling for the health conscious individuals!

In the spirit of sub-500 calorie meals, my go-to spot in our area is normally IHOP because of their Simple and Fit options. I had my doubts about the menu items but after trying it, it was delicious and fulfilling!

It doesn’t beat the Chicken Fried Steak, Stuffed French toast or the Cinnastack Pancakes but if you wanna eat out, and eat healthy, IHOP is the chain to eat at.

The Food:

Simple and Fit Vegetable Omelet | Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions and Swiss Cheese

IHOP gives us a nice selection of simple and fit options. This omelet features egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and Swiss cheese. The egg whites were fluffy and moist and were probably even egg beaters. Tasty and perfect at bringing all parts of this dish together. The spinach and mushrooms were seasoned nicely, salt and pepper, and surprisingly enough, the moisture of the two (and for those of you who cook, you know how much moisture spinach and mushrooms hold….) was maintained nicely. There wasn’t a pool of mushroom and spinach juice at the end of the meal, which was a big relief.

I’m sure they had to have a trick for this because the mushrooms and spinach weren’t fried to a crisp… So how did they keep that moisture managed in the omelet?

I’ve gotta find out!

Final thoughts

Over all, the dish was flavorful, light and, without question, healthy.

Lastly, surprisingly enough, the fruits were chilled nicely, kept cold until the end of the meal too! Sweet and a great way to top the meal off!

Order this as your next sub-500 calorie meal!

You’ll love it!

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