Kishuya Ramen Noodle Bar & Izakaya | Scarsdale, NY

Kishuya Ramen Noodle Bar in Scarsdale, New York is the new kid on the block… but don’t let that fool you! Upon visiting and thoroughly enjoying the food that they had to share with us, it is very clear that that Kishuya’s owners and staff understand their vision, culture, and certainly the food that they want their customers to enjoy.

Kishuya was able to achieve something in their early days of existence that very few restaurants have been able to, even after years of trying. From Kishuya’s open-style kitchen, to their welcoming staff, brightly lit and extremely clean restaurant, to, of course, their comforting meals — it is very clear that their goal is for their customer to visit the restaurant and enjoy a wonderful and comforting meal.

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Gyoza Dipping Sauce, Sesame Seed with Japanese Mortar and Pestle, Hot Chili Oil

Gyoza Dipping Sauce, Sesame Seed with Japanese Mortar and Pestle, Hot Chili Oil[/caption]

After having ordered our first few dishes, they brought out the Gyoza dipping sauces and this really cool Japanese Mortar and Pestle that I was pretty intrigued by. It was so new to me, the idea of preparing your own sesame seeds, freshly ground to top a nice bowl of ramen, to the point where I couldn’t help but try the sesame seeds on their own! As my wife pointed out, the flavor of the sesame seeds wouldn’t have changed… but hey, it was a cool new thing. We’ve been to so many ramen spots and this is the first to present their sesame seeds in this way. #nicejob

Let’s talk about the food!

Black Pepper Wings | coated with crushed black peppercorn and savory sweet brown sauce


Great finger food, especially if you are here for a happy hour (coming soon apparently!) or with a group of friends. The drummettes are still drummettes but they cut the wings in half so that everything can be eaten with one hand. Genius! It doesn’t take away from the moisture of the wings and definitely makes it significantly easier to eat the whole plate full.

They have a very thin, crispy coating, and they’re little bit sweet and peppery but not spicy, so if you’re not a heat lover don’t be afraid to try this.

Gyoza | homemade pan-fried pork dumplings, spicy sesame soy sauce


It’s a known fact: Even at AYCE buffets… you’ll find me going for a plate full of Gyoza. These, right here, are delicious! Perfectly crispy on the bottom and wonderfully flavorful on the inside. They are FRESHLY made each morning from scratch. And once they’re sold out for the day, that’s it! You can taste the difference versus something frozen from a bag. This reminded me a lot of some of the fresh dumplings you’ll be able to get from Chinatown that I enjoy so much. Add more pork filling please!

Aburi Tuna | lightly seared sashimi grade ahi tuna coated with crusted sesame seeds, Korean seaweed crisp, greens, ponzu sauce, wasabi aioli


This starter is very light, and good for sharing or even as a salad for an entree for those who are light eaters. It’s a flavor combo we’ve tried before, but the tuna tastes super fresh and it’s not doused in ponzu or wasabi mayo. I was also a fan of the sprinkle of seaweed but the reason I would get this again here is because I think it’s a great value. I’ve paid the same price for half the amount of tuna at more upscale restaurants or for goodness sakes even the Cheesecake factory!

Pork Fried Rice

Rice is my soft spot. If you serve me rice, a bowl full just like you see above, just like my two corgi’s, I’ll lie on my back, and be your best friend forever. The ingredients of this fried rice are nice and fresh. Cut up finely so that the veggies wont overwhelm you. I wish it had more onions and scallions and that the pork was thicker! Why? Because everything was just so delicious. I definitely… definitely… enjoyed every spoonful. If I had known, I would have eaten this and the gyoza together! That would have been incredible.

Pork Bao | braised pork, iceberg lettuce, sweet brown sauce


The Pork Bao isn’t your average, everyday bao. Instead of the staple veggies like julienned carrots and cucumbers, you’ll find iceberg lettuce! It did the job of giving the right texture, but we wished for a little more pork in the Bao! Normally, I’m used to pork sliced similarly to what you’d find in the ramen, but here, it was thinner. #MorePlease

Chicken Bao | chicken kara-age, iceberg lettuce, yuzu aioli

The Chicken Bao was nice. It was surprising that the chicken, cut into these small cubes, were extremely fresh, moist, and flavorful. The yuzu in the aioli wasn’t overpowering, which added a nice touch. I wish there was more chicken and aioli.

With this bao and the pork bao, we noticed that we had some of the bun/bao and the iceberg lettuce left over! A great way to combat this is to add more sauce in the bao, maybe putting some in between the lettuce and the bao? That may help, because let’s be real, how much chicken can you really put into this thing without making it look unsightly? Just like the Pork Bao, every component was delicious and enjoyable.

Kogashi | Kishuya original seasoning soy sauce and tonkotsu (pork) broth, topped with kogashi garlic paste, pork chashu, nikumiso, ni tamago, menma, naruto, and scallion

This is, for sure, one of the most comforting bowls of Ramen we’ve ever tried. My wife enjoyed this bowl so much to the point where she made sure to keep this for herself! Normally, we switch half way… but not this time around! She went for it.

The tonkatsu broth was thick, creamy, and full of porky flavor. It was salty but super flavorful at the same time. One of my pet peeves is receiving a steaming hot bowl of ‘ramen’ that we find tastes just like chicken broth with soy sauce for salt and color. None of that here! This is the real deal. It comes with some of your standard condiments like the soft boiled egg, slice of fish cake, and scallions. But I also like the little bit of ground pork in there as well, which made it feel a bit meatier and fulfilling. But the kicker was when we added the spice bomb (read on for details) to the broth! It was out of this world.

Tantanmen (spicy) | Kishuya original seasoning soy sauce and tonkotsu (pork) broth, temomi noodles topped with nikumiso, menma bokchoy, naruto and scallion

The Tantanmen is a staple bowl, comforting, hot, spicy and normally brings tears to your eyes because of how spicy some chefs make it. At Kishuya, they make a Tantanmen the way I enjoy it, with a nice consistent spicy, but one that doesn’t make you sweat or make you cry. Sure, the spiciness is present, so it hurts… but it hurts so good. I promise you that much.

Isn’t it a beautiful looking bowl? They’ve got the colors down and the presentation is just wonderful. Something you’ll see in the picture above is the ground meat. The meat was full of flavor and was a nice gift in every single bite.

Spice Bomb

For those of you who search and yearn for the spiciness of a classic Tantanmen, well, Kishuya provides a Spice Bomb to those who think they can handle it. To achieve what we all know to be the normal level of heat in a classic Tantanmen, put only half of the Spice Bomb. Any more than that, well… good luck. Trust us, this is legitimately a ball of chili — hot red pepper. No filler, no nothing. If they wanted to make this worse, they could add a lot of garlic to the mix… but gosh, this right here is enough!

Temomi Noodles

I leave the Temomi Noodles of the Tantanmen for last because since we visited Kishuya, I couldn’t stop thinking about these noodles. They’re definitely ramen noodles, perfect with the broth and works well with every component of the dish, but they’re THICKER. Have you experienced this kind of noodle before? Because this was my first time and they’ve officially ruined the ramen noodle for me. Of course, I appreciate the classic, iconic, and original ramen noodles that you’ll find with a wonderful, comforting Miso Ramen but if they have Temomi Noodles on the menu, I’d substitute these in without even a shadow of a doubt.

The texture of the noodles was on point, chewy and silky smooth. You’ll want to have this in your next bowl of Ramen, for sure.

At the end of the day…

From the minute we stepped foot into Kishuya, we felt like family. The meals were as comforting as a home cooked meal, maybe equally as delicious and certainly almost as fulfilling as one. If you’re in the Westchester area, please… please go out of your way to experience and enjoy Kishuya Ramen. They’ll bring you one of the best Ramen experiences outside of New York City.

Many, many thanks!

Many, many thanks to the wonderful staff at Kishuya Ramen Noodle Bar. We’d like to extend a shout out to our new friends Reishi Mitsudome, Susan De Vera, Manager at Kishuya, and Head Chef Carlos F. Vargas for taking the time to give us one of the best experiences we’ve enjoyed in a while.

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