Kula Lodge | Kula, Maui, HI

Kula Lodge was our stop after going up Haleakala to see the sunrise! It was a nice experience!

The views from Kula Lodge are normally beautiful but we happened to go on a day that had a lot of fog. Rough!

The service was nice — everyone was very nice. The Restaurant, overall, needed a makeover but what can we do.

Here’s the food:

Sunrise | Two Eggs any style, Bacon, Wheat Toast, and Lodge Potatoes.

Freshly made, I think.

You’ll see that the yolk broke though! Sad days, but hey… it was on a hot plate, so no big deal. We opted for Bacon, but maybe we should have gone with the Portuguese sausage, because that’s a special thing that they do in Hawaii. The bread was alright, wheat toast and some jelly. The potatoes were nice though — surprised that it had some celery and green peppers mixed in with it.

Everything needed a dash of salt and pepper, but no big deal because that was present on the table.

Buttermilk Pancakes | Served with Toasted Macadamia Nuts.

These pancakes were okay.

I wish that the toasted macadamia nuts were a little more… toasted. The powdered sugar was nice — made the pancake look pretty. It’s too bad though because… the pancakes themselves looked like they were going to be crispy on top and fluffy inside, but it was… almost too spongy and chewy.

Try the coconut syrup on them. It’s nice. But it doesn’t beat maple syrup, unfortunately. You can mix the syrup together — it makes a nice combo!

Enjoy the view on a beautiful day and think of the food as something to prep you for something more… awesome later in the day.