Lappert’s Hawaii | Waikiki, Oahu, HI

One word for Lappert’s, an ice cream chain Hawaii: Meh.

Lappert’s Hawaii is said to create and sell only Gourmet Ice Cream, Coffee, and Pastry.

We went to two different Lapperts while in Hawaii- one in Waikiki and one in Kauai. The first time we went, we were just so disappointed. Then we saw another Lapperts on a hot day in Waikiki and thought we would give it another go. It was equally disappointing!! We won’t be going back anytime soon. There are plenty of other cold treat places in the islands so we will skip this ice cream chain next time, for sure.

Heavenly Hana in a Chocolate Covered Waffle Cone | Creamy chocolate ice cream with delicate swirls of marshmallow ribboned throughout with our handmade chunks of white chocolate covered macadamia nuts, dark chocolate almond chunks, chocolate bits & roasted almonds.

The description sounds so good right??

Unfortunately, even though the ice cream tasted pretty good, we were thrown off by the poor quality and/or mishandling of it… There were large, crunchy ice crystals all throughout the ice cream that were a real bummer. To top it off the chocolate covered ice cream cone we got looked amazing, but tasted so so stale…. We only had a couple of bites and then ended up throwing it out. It’s hard to throw out something you know has the potential to taste amazing but just doesn’t. We decided it wasn’t worth the calories.

Oh and to make matters worse, when the person behind the counter attempted to pull a cone for use, all cones had been stuck to one another in that specific stack. When she went for the second stack of chocolate covered waffle cones, as she forcefully pulled one out to be used for the cone you see above, over a dozen flies were seen flying from that particular cone. She saw it, I saw it, we all saw it. And… she still moved forward to use the cone. I should have said something, I know… but can you imagine what could have been living in the cone beneath this one? At least the flies that were in the top cone were still alive and flew away!

Guava Sorbet

Again- different location on a totally different island but the same mishandling problem! The sorbet had clearly melted in large areas of the gallon tub and then was re-frozen. There was a film-y quality to parts of the sorbet and ice crystals all over the place. In addition, it was a little bit too sweet for my taste. But by far, the major problem was the melting/refreezing problem.

What a disappointment!