Lorca | Stamford, CT

We love breakfast. My wife and I love waking up early and to try out new and awesome things in our area. We love having fun with it too. This past weekend, we tried something new (at least during breakfast/brunch).

My sister-in-law introduced something to us… where you go to different locations, split an appetizer or an entree and when you’re done, (and still hungry), you move on to the next… and continue until you’re satisfied! It’s a great way to try new things and experience new restaurants without breaking the bank and getting too full!

It was the wifey’s idea to do that this weekend with brunch and it was so much fun! Lorca was our first stop of the day!

The Food:

French Toast Muffin

When we first started on the muffin, it was underwhelming. Normally, the muffin topper is the best part of the muffin… but they did this for a reason.

Literally two bites in, we experienced something heavenly. There were wonderful streaks of french toast flavored goodness, randomly distributed along the inside of the muffin. Every single bite had a bit of the french toast filling. It wasn’t filled in the middle… more like distributed generously throughout the inside of the muffin. You’ve gotta try this.

Hazelnut Iced Coffee

I was afraid that the sweetness of the Hazelnut Coffee would clash with the french toast muffin, but it didn’t! In fact, they partnered real well with each other because the Hazelnut Coffee wasn’t very sweet at all. I always have coffee with my breakfast pastries because it makes the flavors all pop… and that’s what was happening today.

It’s nice, how they served it in a mason jar. Super different and really enjoyable. What an experience, overall!

Quiche of the Day | Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella

Jumped at the quiche the minute we saw that it was the quiche of the day. We love the Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella combination and this didn’t let us down.

First off, the side salad was refreshing. It was dressed in some kind of a honey-mustard vinaigrette. Really light and cut through the creamy, egg-y goodness that the quiche was providing.

In terms of the quiche, it was delicious. Needed a little salt, which was fine. The texture was nice… but it may just have been a little more like an egg pie than a quiche though. Another way to put it is that it tasted more like an egg-based souffle rather than a rich, layered quiche. We still enjoyed it!

Final Thoughts:

Lorca was hopping, especially early in the morning. We kicked off our brunch marathon with this spot and saw that so many people dropped by throughout the course of our meal there. It was awesome to see that there was even a point where the line was going out the door! This picture was right before that happened!

Next time around, I’m going to eat an entree at Lorca. The quality of the food was great and the service was nice. The shop was vibrant, really active, up-to-date and enjoyable.

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