Martha’s Country Bakery | Astoria, Queens, NY

Every time we visit two (soon to be three!) of our favorite people, we make it a point to end the evening at Martha’s Country Bakery. Shout out to Jihyae and Luke for introducing us to this awesome bakery.

Martha’s is our favorite Bakery in Astoria. Without question.

Martha’s Country Bakery is the total package. Outstanding service where the hostesses and servers are kind and always have a smile. On a warm day, you have the option to sit outside and people watch. You also have the opportunity to sit inside.

When you’re inside, there is a magnificent display that is normally crowded with people ordering. Trust me, not the best place to go if you’re on a diet. You’ll have to go there to truly experience the glory and magnitude of the Martha’s Bakery display. Almost overwhelming, really!

The Food:



I really enjoy the Cappuccino at Martha’s because they hold the foam. I know that I can ask other spots to hold off… but the fact that I don’t need to makes the experience. Your standard Cappuccino and it meets expectations.

Very Berry Napoleon


I’ve always liked Napoleons because they’re always sweet and … sweet. BUT… I had never had a Napoleon as delicious as the one you see right here. My wife and I are always so amazed at the consistency at Martha’s. It’s always fresh, almost as if they make it for you to order — which I’m sure they don’t… but it’s just that good.

If you want to get to know Astoria, you’ll have to start with Martha’s.

The crispy puff pastry has always been crispy. Always. Every layer is equally as crispy as the top most layer, which is unbelievable. You’ve gotta have one to believe it.


Fresh blueberries burst in your mouth and bring that fresh sweetness and tartness to the dish, balancing out the pastry cream which we’ll talk about in a bit. It has fresh raspberries and strawberries in it too — refreshing and comforting.

The pastry cream needs a paragraph of its own. The pastry cream is so light and fluffy. Other napoleons have had cream that was almost a custard or had too much of a gelatinous texture, almost like pudding. Here, at Martha’s, they know that the Napoleon is meant to be a dessert and it’s built that way.

Triple Chocolate Mousse


It’s exactly what you’d imagine! White chocolate mousse, yellow cake, milk chocolate mousse and additional layers of goodness! Delicious. A little more simple than the Napoleons, which was refreshing, comforting and perfect!


They’re packaged individually too, ready for you to take home. Martha’s is a smaller spot, with a good amount of tables that fill up in no time. You’ll find that a wait can take from five minutes to half an hour, depending on the time of day that you go of course… but if you don’t have enough time to wait, trust that the quality of the deliciousness that you order will remain while in-transit.

Choco Banana Frappe

Ordering this drink helped prove to me that the Napoleon was such a perfectly balanced desert that was light, comforting and refreshing. This drink, on the other hand, was thick, rich and almost too sweet! It was good though — I kept going back for more… but let’s be real, it was almost impossible for me to drink even a fifth of this glass. Thank God I shared it with my wife.

Final thoughts

Martha’s is our favorite Bakery in Astoria. Without question. If you want to get to know Astoria, you’ll have to start with Martha’s.

Update, April 25, 2015:

Hazelnut Coffee


I was very impressed at how nice this Hazelnut Coffee tasted. The hazelnut was not overpowering and provided the right amount of sweetness for the coffee. Even without the whipped cream, it was delicious and enjoyable. As someone who loves having coffee with dessert, this is more of a two birds with one stone kind of thing… where this can act as dessert and coffee!


Sometimes they’re fun and they add a sprinkle of cocoa on top to change it up. Something we also find enjoyable is that their whipped cream is also not too sweet. Similar to the whipped cream that Starbucks provides. It’s nice, adds texture, makes the cup of coffee look gorgeous, and its tasty too!

Hazelnut Mousse


Wow. If you’re familiar with Ferrero Rocher, spherical chocolates made by Ferrero (Actually, Ferrero SpA), imagine those wonderful balls of goodness brought together to make a perfect mousse, crunchy exterior, creamy interior, hazelnuts and all the same amounts of amazing.


It sounds incredible no? Well… Martha’s has imagined it and made it a reality. I was so impressed by the way they made the mousse and was immediately reminded of Ferrero Rocher, a treat that I’ve loved and have enjoyed for years.

Below, you’ll see them in their display… still as beautiful as they’d look on a table. Doesn’t it look glorious, seeing ten of them together? I’d devour them all in minutes.

The texture of the mousse is exactly what you’d want it to be. Smooth, creamy, and only firm enough to keep everything together. Any more firm, it wouldn’t be called a mousse anymore. That would be jello, at that point.

The hazelnuts (possibly even toasted hazelnuts) that are distributed nicely throughout the mousse adds a texture that surprised me in a very good way. Crunchy, flavorful and aren’t just there to get stuck in your teeth. Those are the worst! Not here at Martha’s though. At Martha’s, what they do with this mousse is perfect.

Banana Cream Pie | Vanilla Wafer


If you’re looking for a light dessert, this is the dessert you’ve gotta order. It was a special on the night that we visited so there’s a chance that you may need to wait until the next time the stars align though! Don’t be disappointed by that — there are boat loads of delicious options that you can choose from.

The Banana Cream Pie is a classic and is hard to ‘make your own’, as they’d say on American Idol. What you have here is a classic, delicious, creamy, wonderfully balanced, Banana Cream Pie. The vanilla wafer was a nice touch and the whipped cream on the side was more for looks than anything else. Same with the powdered sugar. If they didn’t have any of those on the plate, the banana cream pie would be just as delicious, enjoyable, refreshing and comforting.

The bananas were very fresh and weren’t mushy. Man, I was actually expecting them to be mushy — the way I’ve always experienced a banana cream pie… but they weren’t! As if the bananas had just been cut and minutes before serving.

If you’re lucky and these are on the menu when you visit, don’t pass it up!

Hazelnut Layer Cake


So. Rich. Like… OMG so rich.

Maybe it’s because I had ordered the Hazelnut Coffee with this slice? (Chances are, that’s the case) but my oh my, if you’re looking for something rich, creamy and delicious, THIS… is the slice to buy.

You know how I had mentioned that the whipped cream was not necessary in the Banana Cream Pie? Yeah… well in this slice, it was 100% necessary to cut through the richness of that slice! I wish there was a delicious bowl of whipped cream that came as a side with this layer cake. We needed it!

No joke though… this is the real deal and it’s delicious and enjoyable. This slice works out real well if you’re sharing it with four other individuals and have a banana cream pie or a bowl of whipped cream to help with the richness.

Chocolate Layer Cake


This was the perfect chocolate slice. In fact, I’ve never had a better chocolate slice. Not from Junior’s or anywhere else. The cake layers were fluffy and moist. The icing was the perfect amount of milk chocolate… and compared to the Hazelnut Layer Cake, this was very light and enjoyable. You can finish this in one sitting!

Final Thoughts:

Martha’s always stays true and consistent with each of their desserts. They’re all delicious, enjoyable, comforting, balanced (okay maybe not the Hazelnut Layer Cake… but again that may have been because I ordered the Hazelnut Coffee along with it)…. and at the end of the day, if you’re looking for the perfect dessert in Astoria? Walk down Ditmars to this wonderfully lit Bakery that’ll blow your socks off.

The service at Martha’s was always outstanding — service with a smile. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere, it’s one of the nicest establishments I’ve ever walked into. Like a scaled down version of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. It’s that wonderful.

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