Noodle+ | White Plains, NY

Noodle+ is such a great name for a spot. Kind of nerdy, kind of today, and exactly what we were thinking about their noodles…. The first time we visited.

Too bad though, because we’re here writing about the second time.

The Food:

Pan-fried Scallion Pancakes | Made freshly by hand in our kitchen, flat bread folded with oil and minced scallions

If you’re not a scallion pancake lover or if you like the seafood variety a little more, you’ll still enjoy this scallion pancake. Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside.

Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted in a scallion pancake? For sure.

The sauce that comes with the pancake actually comes with every single side dish they have. It’s a sweetened soy sauce that is mild and something that you could keep eating for hours and not get tired of. So I guess it cancels itself out. Bad because it’s with every app, good because well… It comes with every app.

Steamed Shrimp Shumai | Filled with a mixture of ground pork, mushroom, shrimp, scallion and ginger

This was okay. It didn’t hold together when you cut it in half. Maybe that’s a good thing, to show that there were no binding agents used to keep the shumai together… But as someone who loves shumai and who has had some of the best at authentic Chinese places in the city, this was a let down. I’d hold off from ordering this the next time around. If you’re really craving some shumai, drive down Central Avenue and go to H Mart and buy a microwaveable package of twelve. It’ll satisfy you more than this did… For sure.

Steamed Mushroom & Vegetable Dumplings | Filled with mixed mushroom and vegetables, served with a special dipping sauce

We were so surprised by this dish. First off, so pretty no? They look like they’re wrapped in miniature lettuce leaves and the steamed! Don’t worry though, that’s a legit dumpling just colored green.

The dumpling filling was okay. It tasted like mushrooms and veggies. It was fresh, but again, they didn’t use anything to keep the filling together — which I guess is a good thing? I’m not used to the inside of dumplings just falling apart when you split the dumpling in half… but maybe that’s just the style they’ve taken. It’s consistent, at least.

Classic Beef Pho | Vietnamese rice noodles in a hot beef broth w. thinly sliced beef, cilantro, basil, scallions, bean sprouts and hoisin sauce

I don’t have a picture of this dish but it’s exactly what you’d imagine it to look like. The broth was nice. The noodles were nicely cooked. The veggies were all fresh. Now here’s the kicker: the slices of beef were actually thicker than I would have liked. In fact, they were so thick, it was awkward. The thickness was about two-thirds of a centimeter. I’m super used to the super thin slices that we’ve had from Saigon Market or Mecha Noodle Bar. Now those spots know what thinly sliced beef means.

Pad See Eew | Flat rice noodles stir-fried with sweet soy sauce, egg and chinese broccoli

Normally, I end reviews with the last dish being the best. This time, man… I don’t know what I was expecting, but for some reason the Pad See Eew, was just not good. In fact, the sauce that came with the dumplings was significantly more deliciious… I asked for another plastic cup full (because they don’t have anything else to serve them in) and dipped the noodles and beef into the sauce.

Final Thoughts:

Our experience this time around was rough. The service was okay, they made sure to keep our water glasses full. Noodle+ is severely under staffed. They’re so understaffed to the point where it took us about ten minutes to get a table, even if three were already available to be sat at.

When we arrived, two additional people were a bit impatient and went ahead and sat down at one of the empty tables. The hostess shooed them away and basically started complaining to the other waiting customers that she has been busy and overworked.

I totally understand that work is tough… but you can’t bring other customers into it. Keep it professional.

I’d go back, to give this place another chance…. because the first time around, it was delicious. The only thing I’d re-order was the scallion pancakes because they were nicely made.

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