Pacific Dining Car | Santa Monica, CA

If you go online to look at the Pacific Dining Car Menu, you’ll notice there aren’t any prices anywhere. That’s because they know these would scare customers away.

The prices are notoriously high. There are no entrees under $40, and they don’t come with sides. Granted, the restaurant is open 24 hours, and the service is very good. The table gets (warm!) bread to start, and the wine list is actually pretty reasonable.

I ordered the sand dabs, which is a local white fish. They came breaded, pan-fried, and in a large portion!

My date ordered the Osso Buco, which was very tender and is served atop a creamed spinach and corn puree. This puree was the best part of our meal.

They have a bowl of Lindt Chocolates waiting for you at the door as you leave, and I’d suggest taking a handful on your way out, if only to make yourself feel better about all the money you just spent on dinner.