Sanuki Sandou | Mar Vista, Los Angeles, CA

If you’ve been to this Mitsuwa market, you know there are only four restaurants to choose from.

Santouka Ramen is by far the most popular, and there is always a line there. But sometimes you want a little lighter fare. Sanuki is right next door and has many (healthier) noodle soups to choose from. I got the soba noodles (you can choose udon or soba for any dish) with tofu. If you are like me and don’t like to mix salty and sweet, this may not be the best dish for you. I was expecting a savory tofu, but instead it’s very very sweet. Other than that, the broth was delicious, as were the noodles. I imagine soba is like the equivalent to whole wheat bread, and healthier than udon, or its white bread equivalent, so I’ll continue to order that.

It’s cash only, and there are many food combinations available, including rice bowls and tempura. I got the fried fishcake (4 pieces) side, and this was not great. It’s too heavy and dense. I realized light foods go better with a flaky tempura batter, like shrimp or vegetables.

Next time you don’t want to wait in line for ramen and want to save a few calories, just take a few steps to your right and try Sanuki for some hot, comforting soup and filling noodles.