The District | West Hollywood, CA

The District is a new Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Los Angeles, whose signature dish is the house garlic noodles. I had been wanting to try the food here for a while, so we came for brunch on Saturday morning, and the place was empty. I believe it must be busier at dinnertime. We started with mimosas — the guava was fantastic.

Then we got the calamari, which I was disappointed in. The dish was cold when it came out; there is no dipping sauce of any kind, and the breading was not all many of the pieces. Skip this. it also doesn’t tie in to the Vietnamese theme at all. It’s Italian, hello?

The best part of the meal were the garlic noodles. The sauce is sweet and salty and amazing. Its a very small portion though, so be prepared to have only a small taste if you are sharing.

The Soft Shell Crab Benedict tasted great, but the bottoms of the crabs were a soggy mess. It was mushy and off-putting. The roasted potatoes were great though!

Finally, the breakfast flatbread was a fun twist on traditional breakfast foods atop a.. well… flatbread. But again, I see this as more of an Italian dish rather than Vietnamese. Maybe they could try a breakfast Bahn-mi instead?

So while I left stuffed and enjoyed most of the dishes, I feel the menu lacked focus and my taste buds were all over the place. I appreciate when a restaurant picks a theme and sticks to it.

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