The Queens Kickshaw | Astoria, Queens, NY

The Layered Potato Cake at The Queens Kickshaw in Astoria, Queens, NY will blow your socks off.

If I had known, I would have ordered that and only that because it was outstanding. My wife and I ventured into Astoria to meet two college friends of ours! And in typical EatNoshNom fashion, we figured that the best way to catch up is over a wonderful meal!

Let me tell you this much — I still dream about and crave the Layered Potato Cake… but the best part about this meal was the outstanding company. The food was… yeah. Read on!

I don’t know if it was us who found the spot or our friends who recommended it but either way, we enjoyed our time, for sure!

Cheddar & Mozzarella Grilled Cheese | Brioche with gazpacho


Let’s be real. Does that look like a grilled cheese to you? In fact, does any part of it look like it even touched a grill, a pan, or even a flat top for a second or two? Nope. It’s just sad. It’s as if they made the Grilled Cheese in the microwave, because the cheese was sure as hell melted, the bread was warm… but why didn’t it remind me of a nice comforting grilled cheese?.

The gazpacho? Well… It was cold tomato soup. Give me some ooomph please! Definitely #sad

French Toast | Housemade lemon ricotta, seasonal berry compote, maple syrup


French toast is normally prepared in a pan. Or on a flat top, in most restaurants or… even school lunch rooms. It almost seemed like they didn’t have pans at The Queens Kickshaw because holy heck, this was a really soggy French Toast. The bread was prepared the same way the grilled cheese had been prepared. I’ve gotta hand it to them, the berries were super fresh for sure. So that’s a +1. But… the ricotta stuffing was okay, the sugar from the compote and maple syrup didn’t make up for the lack of sugar in the ricotta, and over all… it wasn’t coming together… not one bit.

The star of a French Toast dish, and it doesn’t matter how many fresh berries you put on it… is, surprise, the Toast itself. The bread wasn’t toasted. I got no crispiness at all. At all. Just like the grilled cheese, which wasn’t grilled. #confused #really?

Layered Potato Cake | Sunny eggs, gruyere, with toast


This was the best dish of the day, for me. Everything was perfect about this dish. The layered potato cake was crispy, creamy, and seasoned PERFECTLY. The eggs were perfectly prepared, perfectly runny, and most importantly, generously seasoned. They knew what they were doing with this dish. They showed that they were proud with this dish… And we saw and experienced it.

At the end of the day…

I wouldn’t go back here. The space was pretty cramped, the seats were uncomfortable, the servers continuously grazed our elbows or shoulders as they passed by… And the way they prepped the food was just different.

I’ve never experienced a grilled cheese that had bread that didn’t (or barely) touch the grill. I’ve never experienced a French toast that wasn’t toasted or crisped up in a pan. This visit to the Queens Kickshaw allowed me to experience this, for the first time in my life, and I don’t really want to pay to go through that again.